About Victoria

*Under the moon-lit night the stars so bright laying with you, waiting for the morning light*

Hola! Shalom! Czesc! Marhaba! Salut! Hallo! Well, hi there! Now that you’ve been thoroughly greeted, let us get down to why you are here visiting my paradise.  Do you feel troubled with stressful work or just everyday situations in your life? Are you feeling unattended or outcast from the world? Have you felt like you are just not getting the love or affection you think you deserve? Then look no further as that is where I come in and show you what you have been missing in your life. I start what I come there for, and make you feel free in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

I am an enormous adventure seeker and I want to elevate you to the next plateau because life is good when you are feeling this way. Nothing but love, all around, and we all will be in our comfort zone. I get you in the right state of mind. No gimmicks here with your island companion. I have been described by friends as spontaneous, lively, and playful. So I guess you could say that I am the perfect playmate, but you'll have to find out for yourself.  I’ve been labeled a dream girl, but screw dreams, I want to make this a reality for you! Some of my hobbies are baking, interior design, and watching the Black Hawks! I would love to have a fun night with you at a game and really see our passions ignite. Yes, I am pretty exotic, but the music I gravitate to is country. Just like my bright personality I love bright colors in my everyday life. I may be petite, but watch out because this little firecracker is full of dynamite! Dynamite ready to explode! I love working out, outdoor sports, and can be a little bit of a tomboy at times. I love to read and having spent some time in Japan I realized I enjoy learning about other cultures in my spare time.

I feel like there's so much to do and explore with this life. Let's make a date so we can explore together!

Name: Victoria Sex: Female Body Type: Thin Measurements: 32A-25-35 Height: 5' 2" Weight: 115 lbs Race/Ethnic: Asian Age: 25 Availability: Incalls/Outcalls Hair Color: Black Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Mid-Back


Let us embark on a quest to paradise together. These are my rates for my time and companionship only. I do not negotiate my rates.

I know life can get in the way and people have obligations to fill last minute, which is why I have a cancellation policy. If you book with me and have to cancel 48 hours before our date I will require you to pay 50% of the deposit. If you have to cancel within 24 hours of our date, I will require 80% of the deposit. I require the funds within 24 hours of your cancellation and will provide you with the details on how you can send that. If you do not follow my cancellation policy, I will have no choice but to blacklist you.

Rate Session Service Details
$400 USD 1hr Incalls Sweet Engagement package
$300 USD 1hr Outcalls Sweet Engagement package
$400 USD 1hr Incalls/Outcalls Sweet Engagement "Duos" package
$650 USD 2hrs Incalls Sensual Seduction package
$550 USD 2hrs Outcalls Sensual Seduction package
$650 USD 2hrs Incalls/Outcalls Sensual Seduction "Duos" package
$950 USD 3hrs Incalls Sincere Retreat package
$850 USD 3hrs Outcalls Sincere Retreat package
$950 USD 3hrs Incalls/Outcalls Sincere Retreat "Duos" package
$1200 USD 4hrs Incalls/Outcalls Siren Dinner Date package (2 hours for dinner and 2 hours for fun)


Days Times Location Comments
Monday-Friday 7am-11pm Incalls/Outcalls
Saturday and Sunday Open Incalls/Outcalls Need advance notice


Are you the real girl in the photos?

I have this question often over email, and YES I am. My clients always say I look better in person!

Do you expect tips, or gifts from me?

NO, I never expect those treats but they are always appreciated. What I appreciate the most is you seeing me consistently, and would rather have that close relationship with you.

What kind of clients do you prefer?

I want to provide companionship to a very specific group of upper-call gentlemen. Priority will always go to the gentleman that provides me their screening information right off the bat, as well as kind, considerate people.

What can I expect?

You will be greeted with a warm smile, and a sweet tempered personality. Once that is done I would like for you to drop off my deposit in the bathroom, and freshen up in there as well.

Do you make same day arrangements?

Due to my hectic life, I do not offer that. I prefer 24-48 hours in advance from you

When is your birthday?

I am a Virgo and my birthday falls on September 6th

What is your idea of a perfect date?

I love going to restaurants that have a nice view. I really like rustic dates as well, something like a romantic picnic for two on the farm!

Where would you like to travel?

I would like to go to Australia, California, Mexico, Aruba, and Italy. Let's put some stamps on my passport!


  • The perfect GFE

    Added Dec 29, 2016
    I was looking for something new and happened upon Victoria's intro on the board. I checked out her website and I emailed her my screening info to get pre screened. We exchanged emails for about a week to find a mutually good date and time for our date. Set it up for a 2 hour incall downtown during the week and the wait was killing me. VIP's read on...

  • Recommend a 10 out of 10. Would see her again!

    Added Dec 01, 2016
    I liked her photos and although I didn't see any reviews I felt it was going to be the rite choice. Easy to contact, set up an appointment for the following day. Met here at a nice in-call downtown. She is exactly as she appears on her web site. Beautiful personality and body. I had a great time getting to know her. Would see her again.

  • What a beautifully wild soul

    Added Nov 24, 2016
    Victoria is a pretty and petite young Canis Lupus who looks just like the pictures on her website! She has the calm focus of a true denizen of the wild, and she occasionally breaks free from her pack to visit the more mundane surroundings of polite society, much to my delight and excitement one sunny and cold day last week. She has a certain serenity that belies the intense Lupine energy trapped inside of her; but when this energy breaks free, watch out! You will find yourself where the wild things are, and if you are up to it........ you will be glad you ventured into her neck of the woods! - MC

  • Wow. All I can say is wow

    Added Nov 17, 2016
    Wow if your looking for a GFE experience with a woman who is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside then this is the one for you. If you just want XXX with out getting to know this person then just move on she's not for you. Take your time and really enjoy the experience and you'll be treated to a woman who will respond totally on fire! Listen to her not only verbally but physically and she'll make you feel on top of the world - Bobboy89

  • Victoria is new to the scene and seems very geniune! Enjoyed my time with her immensely!

    Added Nov 04, 2016
    Victoria was highly recommended by another provider who I have seen many times in the past. This made set up real easy. All communications were through email until day of, a call to her as I arrived and up i went. Upon entering i was pleasantly surprised , she is very attractive. (Her pics are blurred onher site).We got comfortable and chatted for a bit since it was our first meeting. She comes across as really genuine and we had a really nice conversation.

    On to the fun, she does LFK while rubbing me all over, getting me really rock hard. Then on to a really great bbbj. I FIV her while she does this and she feels awesome! Her oral skills are really amazing, just the right amount of suction and uses a hand on the boys as well. I knew I wouldn't last long so on with the cover and we started in standing doggie. I began to thrust faster and she seemed to enjoy it, loudly moaning. It was great, and I wanted to try a few other positions but knew I was almost done and i really like to return to bbbj for the finish which she happily obliged. She cleaned me up with a warm towel and we again chatted for a bit before another stellar bbbj until a 2nd cup was delivered. I never can go two but she is that good.

    Time was almost up but I never got a sense she was in a rush. In fact it was I who got up and began dreessing to leave. I really cant say enough about Victoria, she is so willing and eager to please and i plan to meet up with her again!

  • So Sexy and Sweet

    Added Nov 01, 2016
    She's hot. I love me some Asians and she was just what I was looking for: small, petite, asian, long hair, and fiesty in the sack. She told me she's only been in the industry for a month but you wouldn't know it from her demeanor. She's totally professional, attends to your every need, and a good listener. But most importantly is that she's good looking with a good sweet girl next door attitude. I'll be back again and again. Trust me she's worth your time! - RickBB29

  • Victoria is the true GFE experience

    Added Oct 26, 2016
    I had the most intimate time with Victoria. She's such a graceful and compassionate person who automatically makes you feel comfortable to be around the moment you meet her. She truly catered to all my needs and made me feel like I was genuinely wanted. The true GFE feeling. Guys, I recommend her above all others. Do make sure to book at least 3 hours with her as time seems to go by very fast when you're in her company. I will definitely be coming back to see her whenever I'm in town. - John B

  • She has a fresh beautiful face

    Added Oct 19, 2016
    Victoria is a new girl in city and I always like seeing fresh girls. They are usually not jaded. I decided to contact her. She prefers email to be contacted by and she is very professional. I was surprised and felt great about it because she seemed very reliable. You do have to be screened by her guys! I booked a 2 hour session with her.

  • Victoria Rocks!

    Added Oct 17, 2016
    Victoria is fresh girl, that I wanted to meet. Her screening is very good, and I felt comfortable giving her my information. I had her come to my hotel on magnificent mile in downtown Chicago. I travel alot and I love meeting the new girls! They are always so much fun and Victoria was exactly what I expected her to be.


~The best gift you can give me is a regularly booking with you~

Jeans: 2-3
Shirt: Extra Small/Small
Dress: 2-3
Lingerie: Extra Small/Small
Shoe: 7

Favorite flowers: Pink & White Lilies, Pink Roses

Favorite Color: Pink, Coral, Mint

Favorite Fragrance: Versace “Bright Crystal”

Favorite Foods: Italian, Mexican (California burrito), Steak, Seafood, Sushi, Ramen

Favorite Drinks: Tea, Coffee (Caramel Macchiatos), Malibu Sunset, Bahama Mama, Hurricane

Favorite Stores/Designers: New York & Company, Victoria Secret, Michael Kors, MAC, La Perla *Gift Cards to any of these stores are a great idea